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Hot Licks, Rhythms and Grooves

Hot Licks, Rhythms and Grooves

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Hot Licks, Rhythms and Grooves (Intermediate)

taught by Buster B. Jones

Hot Licks, Rhythms and Grooves is a journey through 30 years of my musical life. I touch on many different styles and approaches to playing lead and rhythm guitar. My goal as a player is to expand these perimeters and express what I feel musically. My goal as a teacher is to present this in such a manner that you can absorb it, play it and then use the ideas and take them to new places. I hope you find this musical adventure to be as enjoyable for you to learn from as it was for me to make.

A detailed tab/music instructional booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD.

64 minutes

DVD is region 0, playable worldwide.

Product Number:    GW955DVD

Format:    DVD

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Binding:    Boxed

Size:    5.25 x 7.5

Date Published:    06_24_2004

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