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Classic Ragtime Guitar - Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar

Classic Ragtime Guitar - Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar

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Classic Ragtime Guitar Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar (Intermediate)

by Stefan Grossman, Duck Baker, and Leo Wijnkamp, Jr.

The study of classic ragtime guitar is very challenging. For this set of lessons for the intermediate and advanced guitarist we have picked four ever-popular rags. You have the advantage in this series of learning from three different teachers, each with his own individual approach. 32 page tab/music book with three compact discs. LESSON ONE: The classic rag that started the "ragtime revival" was The Entertainer. This was used in the soundtrack for the film The Sting. It is a lyrical four part classic rag written by Scott Joplin. This lesson is taught by Stefan Grossman. LESSON TWO: One of the most popular classic rags written by Scott Joplin was his Maple Leaf Rag. Duck Baker teaches his arrangement to this highly syncopated and energetic classic rag. This is followed by Silver Swan. Stefan Grossman is your teacher for this beautiful classic rag. LESSON THREE: Our last lesson is a tour de force in ragtime arranging and playing. It is James Scotts Hilarity Rag. This is a four part classic rag taught by Leo Wijnkamp Jr.

Product Number:    99462BCD

Format:    Book/3-CD Set

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Pages:    32

Binding:    Saddle Stitched

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Series:    Grossman Audio

Date Published:    01_07_2002

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