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Canadian Fiddle Music Volume 1

Canadian Fiddle Music Volume 1

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Canadian Fiddle Music Volume 1 (Beginning-Intermediate)

compiled by Dr. Ed Whitcomb

Canadian fiddle music receives the credit and recognition it deserves in this lively collection of tunes from virtually every province and ethnic group in Canada. Originally published in 1990, this project is the result of generous donations by numerous fiddlers and fans of fiddle music. In addition to the preservation and popularization of this folk music form, the contributors shared these common goals in this endeavor: composer recognition, folk music revitalization in Canada and abroad, acknowledgement of the violin and its own origins in the development of fiddle music and its place in Canadian society, note reading and chording, and to pay tribute to many great fiddlers. This revised edition features contributions of 200 of the best tunes from the first printing as well as 200 new tunes. They consist of hornpipes, strathspeys, polkas, waltzes, calypsos, reels, clogs, two-steps, jigs, airs, breakdowns, schottishes, marches, rags, and laments. A bibliography and the background of each composer is included.

Product Number:    98361

Format:    Book

Skill Level:    Beginning-Intermediate

Pages:    224

Binding:    Perfect Binding

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Date Published:    09_01_2000

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