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Complete Modern Drum Set

Complete Modern Drum Set

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Complete Modern Drum Set (Intermediate-Advanced)

by Frank Briggs

This book offers challenging material for the intermediate to advanced drummer. Addressing a multitude of styles, author Frank Briggs helps guide your playing to a higher plane while improving your technique and raising your awareness of cutting edge concepts such as metric modulation, displaced beats, polyrhythms, and more. Briggs states, "I believe the more you know about different styles and the inner workings of time and phrasing, the better your ability to contribute to the music at hand. The clearer you see the parallels or the common threads that tie these concepts together, the more freedom you will have to express yourself." The music is challenging and suitable for the advanced drummer. Styles include odd meters, metric modulation, tuplets, funk, Latin, mid and up-tempo swing, and fusion. Includes access to online audio and video.

The online audio is a play-along for drums with full stereo versions of the music charts included in the book. Sketch, Electric, Red Moon, Home, Funky Track, Jazz Swing, and 32 Bar are recorded with drums and without drums (the tracks without drums include a click track) so that the student can listen and play-along. Solo sections are included on most of the tracks. Instrumentation is drums, bass, keyboards and sax.
The online video is re-edited from the original masters, this video offers challenging material for the intermediate to advanced drummer. All special effects have been removed and the sound track has been encoded in Dolby Digital stereo. Twenty-one play-along tracks, CueLink(tm) and a metronome make this video the most valuable cutting edge educational tool for drummers on the market today. This video features complete performances of Red Moon, Home, Along the Mohawk, Sketch/Electric and more. It includes over 115 minutes of drumming and is the perfect companion to the Complete Modern Drum Set Book (nearly every page in the book is performed... including page headers and pattern numbers for easy reference).

Product Number:    95366M

Format:    Book + Online Audio/Video

Skill Level:    Intermediate-Advanced

Pages:    160

Binding:    Spiral

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Series:    Complete

Date Published:    09_10_2015

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