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99 Rock Riffs for Guitar

99 Rock Riffs for Guitar

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99 Rock Riffs for Guitar (Intermediate)

by Jurgen Kumlehn

Jürgen Kumlehn works as a live and studio guitarist (having made tours with German and international artists such as Eartha Kitt, Roland Kaiser, Howard Carpendale, Georg Danzer, Drafi Deutscher, Dieter Bohlen, Annett Lousian, Vicky Leandros) and graduated from the University of Music in Hamburg where he studied popular music. 99 Rock Riffs for Guitar adds to his many publications, which kicked off with the bestseller Das neue Gitarrenbuch (AMA No. 610124).  A guitar riff, a short and distinctive melody or chord sequence, is most often the core of a rock song and is responsible for making the song recognizable. In this collection, Jürgen Kumlehn has pulled together 99 of these stand-alone building blocks from styles like classic rock, blues rock, modern rock, pop rock and funk rock. The final chapter is dedicated to riffs in the drop-D style, in which the sixth string is tuned one note lower. This is mainly used in pieces in D (major or minor).

This book is perfectly suited to self-study as it presents musical notation, tablature and the relevant fingering diagrams, as well as the necessary musical explanations of the individual riffs. Nevertheless, a teacher will also find a treasure trove of material in this book which they can use in lessons.

99 riffs are recorded on the CD by Jürgen Kumlehn, meaning that the player has a comprehensive reference guide in front of them when looking for riffs in certain keys or if they simply want to get an impression of the sound first.

Product Number:    610458

Format:    Book/CD Set

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Pages:    76

Binding:    Saddle Stitched

Size:    9 x 12

Date Published:    03_25_2013

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