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Introducing the Guitar - Step by Step Method

Introducing the Guitar - Step by Step Method

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Introducing the Guitar Step by Step Method (Beginning)

by Hubert Kappel

This basic textbook for the classical guitar is suited for private, group and self-instruction. This step-by-step method includes a wide variety of music and musical examples, easy exercises, an extensive introduction to reading guitar music, and clear explanations of beginning to advanced technique. The book focuses on the use of the guitar as a chordal or harmony instrument but, among other things, includes a detailed analysis of the problems and possibilities of different playing positions, basic right and left hand techniques, and song accompaniment (including strumming technique)- all at different learning levels. The book also includes an introduction to the study of harmony. Explanations of every facet of technique are enhanced with numerous photos and diagrams. While its always advisable to consult a competent teacher, comparing your own playing with the recorded pieces on the companion CD, you can use this book/CD to effectively teach yourself. Written in standard notation only.

Product Number:    610175E

Format:    Book/CD Set

Skill Level:    Beginning

Pages:    254

Binding:    Flex Bound

Size:    8.5 x 11.75

Date Published:    12_18_2000

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