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Art of Gospel Guitar

Art of Gospel Guitar

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Art of Gospel Guitar (Intermediate-Advanced)

by El McMeen

This book features 22 gems of gospel and hymn music, arranged in various keys in dropped D tuning (DADGBE - 6th to 1st string) for the intermediate and advanced guitarist. The arrangements provide compelling evidence that dropped D tuning has been liberated from its usual position as simply a variant of "standard tuning." In this book, it takes on an exciting open-tuning character. Innovative string choices and guitar voicings are employed to evoke different textures for the various melodies. The music ranges from the single-note treatment reminiscent of the solo singer, to the flowing, arpeggiated approach of the harper, to the chordal power of the organist. The pace can be slow and meditative, or up-tempo and celebratory. The presentation is in tablature and standard notation.

Product Number:    30511

Format:    Book

Skill Level:    Intermediate-Advanced

Pages:    80

Binding:    Squareback Saddle Stiched

Size:    8.5 x 11

Date Published:    09_15_2015

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