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Blarney Pilgrim - Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar

Blarney Pilgrim - Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar

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Blarney Pilgrim - Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar (Intermediate)

by featured musicians Duck Baker, Steve Baughman, Pierre Bensusan, Pat Kirtley, Tom Long, El McMeen and Martin Simpson

This collection of traditional music from Ireland and Scotland arranged for solo guitar is the result of a passionate study and adaptation of the tradition by the featured musicians: Pat Kirtley, Martin Simpson, Steve Baughman, Duck Baker, Pierre Bensusan, Tom Long, and El McMeen. The 4 basic categories of music in this collection are: dance music, songs (ballads and airs), martial music, and the unique music of the blind Irish harper, Turlough OCarolan.

These arrangements are written in standard notation and tablature as all were composed in alternate tunings. Includes a historical essay on the evolution of the Irish solo guitar style by Pat Kirtley as well as a biographical sketch of each contributing artist.

DVD is region 0, playable worldwide.

Product Number:    13063DVD

Format:    DVD

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Binding:    Boxed

Size:    5.25 x 7.5

Date Published:    10_27_2004

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