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Diverse Ayres On Sundrie Notions | Imagine This Music

Diverse Ayres On Sundrie Notions


Diverse Ayres On Sundrie Notions For Bargain Counter Tenor and Keyboard

These three songs," Do you suffer, " " Hear me through," and " if you have never" are extraodinary examples of what are perhaps the first singing commericals in history which were concocted by P.D.Q. for a much-needed money-making enterprise in 1795 when commisiions from Prince Fred for such royal occasions as one of his sons losing a tooth proved few and far between, the P.D.Q. Traveling Medicine Show, which left Wein-am-Rhein in the spring and returned eight months later with P.D.Q. a wealthy man. They were originally composed for singer and drum and later unfortunately rescored in Baden -Baden-Baden for Bargain Counter Tenor, Worm & Snake, Violin, Viola, Cello and Harpsichord. In this published arrangement, cunningly transcribed by Prof. Schickele, the Worm & Snake, and the Strings are happily gone, leaving only the keyboard accompaniment. Prof. Schickele remarks in a performance note that, " The first movement of the original Diverse Ayres, A Sinfonia for the instruments alone, has been omitted from this transcription, the feeling being that discretion is the better part of valor, not mention pity." For ad agency executives, TV addicts, and soda jerks.

Composer:    9 x 12 P. D. Q. Bach

Author:     100# C2S

Product No.:    411-41071

Format:    Voice and Piano

Instrumentation:    Tenor, Keyboard

Duration:    7:00

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