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The Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery

The Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery

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The Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery (Intermediate)

taught by Adrian Ingram

Adrian Ingrams detailed examination of Wes Montgomerys unique style is a tour-de-force in the art of jazz guitar. Besides covering the more overt aspects of Montgomerys style, such as thumb and octave techniques, important yet seldom discussed substitutional devices and soloing conceptions are also examined in detail. Rare film footage of Wes, together with Adrians performances of classic Montgomery tunes, like 4 on 6 and West Coast Blues, further illustrate the ideas covered in this important DVD lesson.

Everyone with an interest in jazz guitar will find something of value here. A working knowledge of Wes Montgomerys characteristic techniques provides new horizons which will ultimately allow you to take your playing onto a higher level.

A detailed tab/music instructional booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD

85 Minutes

DVD is region 0, playable worldwide.

Product Number:    GW958DVD

Format:    DVD

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Binding:    Boxed

Size:    5.25 x 7.5

Date Published:    03_28_2005

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