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Country Blues Guitar in Spanish & Vestapol Tunings

Country Blues Guitar in Spanish & Vestapol Tunings

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Country Blues Guitar in Spanish & Vestapol Tunings (Intermediate)

taught by John Miller

The use of open tunings on the guitar to accompany singing is one of the hallmark sounds of the Country Blues. Unquestionably, the two open tunings that have been used most commonly in the Country Blues have been Spanish tuning, often called Open G tuning and Vestapol tuning, quite often called Open D tuning. For this 2-DVD lesson, weve chosen the names Spanish and Vestapol to designate these tunings, because in practice, Spanish tuning was not always tuned exactly to an open G chord and Vestapol tuning was not always tuned to an open D chord.Each one of these tunings represents its own sort of sound universe, but what is really interesting to hear is the different approaches that different players took to the same tunings, and the different sounds that resulted. In each of these tunings, youll encounter players whose approach was so melody-driven that it ends up sounding almost like slide guitar played without a slide, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, high concept, chordally sophisticated arrangements. Weve purposely chosen the songs that are taught on the lesson to encompass as much of that sound spectrum as possible.

On Disc 1, the Spanish tuning lesson, we start by presenting an overview to the tuning, how it is set up, and where the foundational chord positions needed to play Country Blues in that tuning are located. Then we launch into the repertoire: Elizabeth Cottens serene rendition of the hymn When I Get Home, Mississippi John Hurts danceable Boys, Youre Welcome, Teddy Darbys hypnotic Built Right On The Ground, Clifford Gibsons uptown Bad Luck Dice, Mance Lipscombs ancient-sounding Willie Poor Boy and Kenny Bakers haunting Legend of the Whistling Brakeman.

On Disc 2, the Vestapol tuning lesson, we begin with the an overview that provides the sound of the tuning, the approach that is best suited to it, and the chordal positions needed to play Country Blues in it. Then we go to the songs: Tarheel Slims instrumental No Time At All, Jimmy Lee Williams churning locomotive Have You Ever Seen Peaches?, John Byrds Old Timbrook Blues, Memphis Willie B.s eerie Brownsville Blues, Blind Boy Fullers driving Little Woman Youre So Sweet, and Jesse Thomas mind-bender Another Friend Like Me.Instruction is offered with the kind of patient attention to detail for which John Millers lessons have been acclaimed, and all of the original performances of the songs are included on the discs, as well as tab and standard notation and the lyrics to the songs. Learn the songs on these lessons and youll be equipped not only to continue learning more songs in these tunings on your own, but perhaps even to create your own arrangements and songs in the tunings.

226 minutes-Level 2/3- Detailed tab/music PDF booklet on the DVD

DVD is Region 0, Playable Worldwide

Product Number:    GW847SDVD

Format:    2-DVD Set

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Binding:    Boxed

Size:    5.25 x 7.5

Date Published:    06_14_2013

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