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Fingerpicking Guitar in Dropped D Tuning

Fingerpicking Guitar in Dropped D Tuning

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Fingerpicking Guitar in Dropped D Tuning (Beginning-Intermediate)

by Stefan Grossman

I love playing in the Dropped D Tuning. The guitar is tuned D A D G B E and this allows you to easily play in the keys of D and G. Playing in the key of D is especially enjoyable as having the low bass sixth string tuned an octave below the fourth string can create a powerful alternating bass. Lonnie Johnson was the "governor of blues guitar" in the 1920s and 30s. He played hundreds of blues in a Dropped D tuning. He was able to contrast a fluid melodic line against the low bass.

Blues for Lonnie puts together some of these licks and hopefully will give insight into his musical world. But the Dropped D tuning also works well for arranging Celtic airs and dance tunes and to move away from the alternating bass. Pretty Girl Milking A Cow and Amazing Grace both work well in Dropped D. The tuning allows the melody to sing in both the treble and bass, with each passage creating its own distinct coloring. Contrasting against these two slow melodies are The Blarney Pilgrim and The Drunken Wagoner - an Irish jig and an American fiddle tune. Midnight on the Water was written by the legendary Texas fiddler, Luke Thommason (father of Benny Thommason). It is a stunning waltz and has been played by many musicians.

So there you have it. Over two hours of music and instruction. Blues, Celtic Airs and Jigs, American fiddle tunes and an English hymn make up this lesson. Hopefully these arrangements will give you hours of challenges and enjoyment.

Includes a detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

130 minutes

DVD is region 0, playable worldwide.

Product Number:    GW1026

Format:    DVD

Skill Level:    Beginning-Intermediate

Pages:    130

Binding:    DVD

Size:    5.25 x 7.5

Date Published:    06_24_2015

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