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Exercises for Three-Finger Banjo

Exercises for Three-Finger Banjo

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Exercises for Three-Finger Banjo (Multiple Levels)

by Jack Hatfield

This is a unique collection of drills for all three popular three-finger banjo styles: Scruggs, Single String and Melodic. There are over two hundred sixty exercises ranging from beginner to advanced levels. The physical exercises include finger strengthening, increasing position changing speed, agility and hand-eye coordination. There are detailed aspects of technique not addressed in any other book such as pick depth control, controlling the pick angle for the best tone, stabilizing the right hand and improving economy of motion in both hands. Musical exercises include roll exercises, roll combinations, modern (post-Scruggs) rolls, scales and scale patterns in both single-string and melodic styles, chord scales, fretboard positions for the G scale over the entire fretboard and triad and seventh chord formations. Location of root, seventh and minor tonal centers are shown in chord formations and in the fretboard patterns. Melodic quasi-chord formations are revealed which have never been codified in any other book. Mental tips which enhance focus and dozens of theory tidbits are featured.

Product Number:    99783

Format:    Book

Skill Level:    Multiple Levels

Pages:    140

Binding:    Squareback Saddle Stiched

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Date Published:    02_12_2016

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