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Violin Solos on Brazilian Themes

Violin Solos on Brazilian Themes

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Violin Solos on Brazilian Themes (Beginning-Intermediate)

by Flavio Henrique Medeiros, Carlos Almada & Thiago Lyra

Brazil offers a great and luxurious musical variety, not only for its large extension of land, but also for the multiple cultural interchange established along centuries among the several peoples which contributed to the forming of its rich and varied musical map. From that triple (though not always conscious) alliance among the native Indigenous, the European colonizer and the African (those latter brought here as slave workers), resulted a "Brazility" feeling which is common to every country side, despite the distances that separate them: joyous, melancholic, nostalgic or ritual, Brazilian music is always the most authentically expression of its people, their happiness and sorrows. This work is an effort to display some Brazilian popular melodies arranged for violin and piano. The themes chosen, coming from the country as well as urban areas, are part of a repertoire quite familiar to every Brazilian, some of them already belonging for centuries to Brazils memory. No intention of producing a scientific or musicological work has been nourished by the arrangers. What guided them in the choice of the songs presented in this book was, above all, a poetic sense and deep love for the music of their country. Enclosed are 19 violin solos on historic Brazilian themes. A free piano accompaniment is available online.

Product Number:    99565

Format:    Book + Online PDF

Skill Level:    Beginning-Intermediate

Pages:    32

Binding:    Perfect Binding

Size:    8.5 x 11

Date Published:    12_29_2010

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