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Time for the Future - Polyrhythm in Harmony

Time for the Future - Polyrhythm in Harmony

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Time for the Future Polyrhythm in Harmony (Intermediate)

by Bret Willmott

Many polyrhythms and polymeters (simultaneous combinations of more than one rhythmic pattern) exist in todays music, with some being so common they could be referred to as rhythm licks. This book presents a unique and comprehensive approach to polymetric applications of various rhythms over common chord progressions and song forms in 3/4 and 4/4, written primarily for instruments with chordal capabilities. Non-chordal instrumentalists interested in rhythmic development and contemporary phrasing may also benefit. Polymetric rhythms will force a variety of harmonic anticipations and delays which can have a profound and beneficial effect on harmonic, melodic, and improvisational phrasing. In addition, the focused attention and expanded awareness needed to master these exercises can also help in your sensitivity and response to the surrounding environment and your interactions with other musicians and audience.

Product Number:    97884

Format:    Book

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Pages:    240

Binding:    Perfect Binding

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Date Published:    03_19_2002

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