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Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method

Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method

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Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method (Multiple Levels)

by Neil Griffin

One of the very best G tuning five-string bluegrass banjo methods available! The book teaches how to pick out tunes single-string style (one note at a time), how to play chord accompaniment, and how to play solos in the full three-finger, bluegrass style. Topics include note and tab reading, chord background styles, traditional bluegrass techniques, fills and endings, use of the capo, rolls, slides, hammers, pull-offs, choking, harmonics, and up-the-neck playing. In notation and tablature. The audio includes acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, and a rhythm track as well as the 5-string banjo. All songs and most exercises are included in this teaching recording, performed at a tempo that the student should be able to maintain in short order. Includes access to online audio.

Product Number:    93345M

Format:    Book + Online Audio

Skill Level:    Multiple Levels

Pages:    244

Binding:    Lay-flat

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Series:    Complete

Date Published:    07_15_2015

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