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Banjo Method - C Tuning - Concert Style

Banjo Method - C Tuning - Concert Style

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Banjo Method C Tuning - Concert Style (Multiple Levels)

by Frank Bradbury

This book, written for those with no prior musical experience, is the definitive text for learning C-tuning concert, or classic-style 5-string banjo. Written by the late Frank Bradbury, Banjo Method provides a thorough grounding in music theory and note reading, along with a complete presentation of Mr. Bradburys unique 5-string concert banjo technique and outstanding solo and duet arrangements by various artists. The technique described here is radically different from that found in other books about the 5-string banjo, and no tablature is used. No plastic or metal picks are used on the right-hand fingers, nor are the fingernails used, but rather the bare fingertips. The hand positions recommended by Mr. Bradbury are not unlike those of a classical guitarist. All in all, this is an uncommon, but valid approach to solo banjo technique. Includes access to online audio of select pieces and exercises featuring Rob MacKillop.

Product Number:    93238M

Format:    Book + Online Audio

Skill Level:    Multiple Levels

Pages:    128

Binding:    Squareback Saddle Stiched

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Date Published:    12_04_2018

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