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Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto in B Minor, Opus 35

Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto in B Minor, Opus 35

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Oskar Rieding Violin Concerto in B Minor, Opus 35 (Intermediate)

by Oskar Rieding, taught by Zakhar Bron

Oskar Rieding was a composer and German violinist who worked at the national Opera House in Budapest. For 32 years he was a teacher in Budapest and there he composed several easy violin concertos for beginners, based on different technical playing levels. In each of his 7 violin concertos he would compose in a specific violin position: the most famous concerto, the Concerto in B Minor, Op. 35, can be played entirely in 1st position.

This book/DVD set includes a DVD with a recording of a lesson in the White Hall in the Sheremetev Palace in St. Petersburg, and a piano and violin arrangement prepared by Zakhar Bron based on the appropriate technical level for the violin.

Standard works of violin lessons - masterfully taught by Zakhar Bron. Violin Part annotated by Zakhar Bron. Zakhar Bron is speaking in the Russian language. It is dubbed by an English speaker over the voice of Zakhar Bron.

The renowned violin virtuoso Zakhar Bron, who has been honored with numerous awards and whose pupils (including Vadim Repin, Maxim Vengerov, Erik Schumann, and Mayuko Kamino) are also frequent winners of famous competitions, shows his exceptional talent as a violin teacher in the “Student Concert, taught by Zakhar Bron” series.

Product Number:    610408

Format:    Book/DVD Set

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Pages:    24

Binding:    Saddle Stitched

Size:    8.25 x 12

Series:    Barrage

Date Published:    04_14_2011

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