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Grangers Fiddle Tunes for Guitar - Third Edition

Grangers Fiddle Tunes for Guitar - Third Edition

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Grangers Fiddle Tunes for Guitar Third Edition (Multiple Levels)

by Adam Granger

Adam Granger self-published the first edition of Granger’s Fiddle Tunes for Guitar in 1979. A second edition was published in 1994. Now Mel Bay Publications presents the third edition of the book.

This 236-page book is the most extensive and best-documented collection of fiddle tunes for the flatpicking guitar player in existence, and includes reels, hoedowns, hornpipes, rags, breakdowns, jigs and slip-jigs, presented in Southern, Northern, Irish, Canadian, Texas and Old-time styles.

There are 508 fiddle tunes referenced under 2500 titles and alternate titles. The titles are fully indexed, making the book doubly valuable as a reference book and a source book.

In this new edition, all tunes are typeset, instead of being handwritten as they were in the previous editions, making the tabs easier to read.

The tunes in Granger’s Fiddle Tunes for Guitar are presented in Easytab, a streamlined tablature notation system designed by Adam specifically for fiddle tunes.

The book comes with a link which gives access to mp3 recordings by Adam of all 508 tunes, each played once at a moderate tempo, with rhythm on one channel and lead on the other.

Also included in Granger’s Fiddle Tunes for Guitar are instructions for reading Easytab, descriptions of tune types presented in the book, and primers on traditional flatpicking and rhythm guitar. Additionally, there are sections on timing, ornamentation, technique, and fingering, as well as information on tune sources and a history of the collection.

Mel Bay also offers The Granger Collection, by Bill Nicholson, the same 508 tunes in standard music notation.

Product Number:    31103M

Format:    Book + Online Audio

Skill Level:    Multiple Levels

Pages:    236

Binding:    Spiral

Size:    8.5 x 11

Date Published:    07_26_2022

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