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Harmonica Tunes - Beautiful American Airs and Ballads

Harmonica Tunes - Beautiful American Airs and Ballads

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Harmonica Tunes - Beautiful American Airs and Ballads (Intermediate)

by Phil Duncan

Among the various instruments for which the Beautiful American Airs and Ballads series was conceived, the diatonic harmonica is a standout. With or without the “bends” played by the author on the companion online recording, the 19 plaintive, single-note melodies in this book are guaranteed to engage the player and move the listener. 

The music herein is written in standard notation and blow/draw harmonica tablature for the diatonic harmonica in C. Suggested accompaniment chords are also provided. Using the tablature alone, this music can be played on any diatonic harmonica in a different harmonica key; for example, using a G or A diatonic harmonica, the instrument itself will make the mechanical transposition. The chords, however, would have to be transposed by the accompanist.

Phil Duncan has written more than 40 harmonica books for Mel Bay Publications. He believes that participation is key to the enjoyment of music, and that the harmonica and tunes in this collection are the perfect vehicles for that participation.

“Tunes like these may have been overlooked or forgotten in this stressful world—but playing them will help you regain and renew the sense of calm essential to our identity as Americans… Pick out a few…pick up your harmonica and enjoy!”
—Phil Duncan

Product Number:    30952M

Format:    Book + Online Audio

Skill Level:    Intermediate

Pages:    40

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Date Published:    11_13_2023

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