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The Mandocello

The Mandocello

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The Mandocello (Beginning-Intermediate)

by Mark E. Freemantle

With decades of experience on the mandocello and even more on the mandolin and guitar, the author presents a comprehensive and progressive approach to learning to play this versatile instrument.

Written entirely in bass clef—the logical clef for an instrument with the same low-to-high CGDA tuning as an orchestral cello—the book starts with basic technique and music theory and ultimately brings the reader to an intermediate to advanced plateau. Whether you come to the mandocello as your first fretted instrument or transition from mandolin or guitar, this method will facilitate your progress as a literate musician.

The method includes mandocello etudes by pioneering multi-instrumentalist Myron Bickford (1876–1960), popular folk melodies, a pair of duets, and a few mandocello parts from mandolin orchestra arrangements. Fretboard diagrams and standard notation introduce scales, chords, position playing, and shifting/stretching concepts as each new key signature engenders new challenges. From basic down and upstrokes to tremolo, great attention is paid to mandocello picking technique, sight reading and overall musicianship.

Most tunes in this book are written as solos. Along with its online play-along audio tracks, the variety of teaching repertoire in this new method will guide you step by step in mastering the mandocello in several musical genres. Then, as a skilled mandocellist who reads the bass clef, you will be welcome as an optional low voice in any musical ensemble. Includes access to online audio.

Product Number:    30770M

Format:    Book + Online Audio

Skill Level:    Beginning-Intermediate

Pages:    104

Binding:    Squareback Saddle Stiched

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Date Published:    04_05_2023

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