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Dirt Simple Pedal Steel Guitar

Dirt Simple Pedal Steel Guitar

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Dirt Simple Pedal Steel Guitar (Beginning-Intermediate)

by John Hartin and Chet Hartin

This book was designed for the 10-string, 3-pedal steel guitar in the versatile E9 tuning. It features 20 engaging public-domain songs in standard notation and tab with first-verse lyrics, suggested accompaniment chords and online audio. 

The tunes are arranged progressively from easy to harder, beginning with single-note melody arrangements and expanding to 2 and 3-note harmonies towards the end of the book. As you turn the pages you will also notice more frequent use of slides, pedals and knee levers. 

Program notes document the many country and bluegrass artists who have recorded these songs. These melodies have clearly stood the test of time and will make a great addition to the novice pedal steel guitarist’s repertoire.

Product Number:    30706M

Format:    Book + Online Audio

Skill Level:    Beginning-Intermediate

Pages:    52

Binding:    Saddle Stitched

Size:    8.75 x 11.75

Series:    Dirt Simple

Date Published:    12_01_2022

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