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Jazz Flute Etudes

Jazz Flute Etudes

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Jazz Flute Etudes

These etudes by Marc Adler will delight both classical and jazz musicians. Marc is an accomplished flutist and composer in both the jazz and classical arenas and is also an experienced educator. These twelve etudes explore each of the twelve keys but at the same time step out into contemporary sounds characteristic of modern jazz and 20th-century classical music, such as whole tone and diminished scales, and colorful chord progressions. Jazz flutists will enjoy his original jazz licks and may want to add some of them to their vocabulary of patterns. Classical flutists will appreciate the challenge of sight-reading these tightly woven compositions while savoring their improvisatory character.

Publisher:    Houston Publishing, Inc.

Item Number:    HL 30442

Series:    Jazz Book

Pages:    48

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