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Introducing the Pentatonic Scales

Introducing the Pentatonic Scales


Introducing the Pentatonic Scales The Guitarist's Guide to Improvising

For guitarists of all styles, from rock to jazz, The Scales Series offers a thorough and unique approach to learning and applying the scales and modes to improvisation on the guitar. Whether you are learning scales and modes for the first time, or just looking for fresh ideas, these books are for you! Each book includes plenty of exercises and licks in standard music notation * examples in a variety of styles * loads of easy-to-read scale diagrams * lessons on breaking out of locked position playing that teach you to solo freely throughout the range of the fingerboard * chord progressions for practicing improvisation * practical suggestions for effective practice methods * basic theory lessons written in clear and simple language which take the mystery out of improvising with scales and modes once and for all!

Item Number:    ALF 00-11969

Pages:    48

Format:    Book

Category:    Guitar Method or Supplement

Publication Date:    10/1/1993

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